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Obtaining a Union City Parking Permit

Parking permits can only be obtained in person at our office. We are located at 506-518 38th Street (Rooftop) between Kennedy Blvd and Bergenline Ave in Union City NJ 07087. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash. Payments are to be made by check or money order.

Permits Types

  • Residential

    Must be a Union City Resident and provide a New Jersey vehicle registration and a drivers license. Both Documents must be under the same name and have a Union City Address. If the vehicle is leased, the insurance card of the car must be provided and match the applicants name and address.

    Note: We do not issue Residential Parking Permits to vehicles with temporary plates and, as a result, we do not issue parking tickets for residential parking to vehicles with temporary plates.

  • Visitor

    All Union City residents are entitled to two (2) free visitor parking permits per household. Visitor permits expire 1 year from the date issued. Additional visitor parking permits are $25.00 each. Must provide picture ID along with two (2) proofs of address such as the following:

    • Utility bills
      • Water bill - SUEZ
      • Phone bill (Cell phone bills not accepted)
      • Electric bill - PSE&G
      • Cable Bill
    • Lease (Copy)*
    • Property Tax Bill
    • Deed (notarized)
    • Notarized letter from landlord reflecting an address within the City of Union City
    • Bank Statement

    * Must be notarized
  • Business

    Must provide proof of employment in Union City such as, most recent pay stub or a letter from employer and vehicle registration and drivers license. Expires one year from date issued. Please note that Homemakers are eligible to obtain a Business permits.

  • Employee
    Must be a City employee and provide proof of employment such as, most recent pay stub or a letter from employer and vehicle registration and drivers license. Expires one year from the date issued.
  • Temporary

    Must provide two (2) proofs of Union City address, vehicle registration and drivers license. Only issued for 30 days and can not be renewed.

  • Non-Profit

    Only issued to non profitable agency with proof of certification.

Payment Types

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash. All payments must be made by personal check, money order or the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Discover
  • PayPal

Important Parking Information - Effective 7/1/16


Permit Type Fee
Residential Free
Visitor First Two $0.00 (Free)
Additional $25 Each
Employee $50.00 Valid 1 Year
Business $50.00 Valid 1 Year
Temporary $10 - Valid for 30 days
Municipal Parking Rental $75.00 Monthly
Municipal Parking DECK Rental $85.00 Monthly


Local Supplemental Violations Bureau Schedule
Ordinance Penalty
Overtime (Meter) Parking $25.00
No Park. Com. Veh. Overnight $100.00
Fire Zone/ Hydrant $100.00
Clean Sweep $35.00
Prohibited Area/ Trespassing $37.00
No Truck Parking 9pm-6am $100.00
Double Parking $44.00
Driveway $40.00
Sidewalk $42.00
Bus Stop $40.00
Crosswalk $37.00
Loading Zone $39.00
Improper Parking $39.00
Obstruction $39.00
No Parking During Emergencies $39.00
Abandoned Vehicle $100.00
Residential Permit $53.00
Handicapped Parking Court Appearance Required